Features of C language

There are many languages other than the ‘c’ language. But the reason why this particular language has become so popular, is because ‘c’ language is so simple and it acts as a base to learning other languages. Its difficult to learn languages like C++,C# or java directly , without learning C language. Its like trying to ride a bike, without learning how to ride a bicycle.

The reasons why one should learn C language before are:

  • One can’t learn things like polymorphism, templates, classes, inheritance etc directly in higher level languages, without having a base in C language.
  • It takes more time to deal with higher level languages without having basics from C. So one can save time by learning C language.
  • The Programs of the mobile devices not only need to be fast running but also needs to work in limited amount of space, that’s where C language comes into play.
  • Most of the operating systems are written in C language.
  • Many Popular gaming frameworks (like directX) have been built using C language.

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